• FAQ for Job SeekerS

    Why 100chinajobs?

    100chinajobs is a one-stop recruit management platform from China aiming to support cross-culture job seekers(including foreigners and Chinese study abroad ) find reliable employer and job info in China. Through 100chinajobs, you can complete profile/document management, interview, contract signing, work visa process management and comment on your employer when you start work or resign, you can also join our on line job fairs and most of all, its free.

    Getting started

    Sign up - How to sign up to 100chinajobs?

    Simply create a free 100chinajobs account and start applying to your dream job in China! You only need an active email address and set up your own password.

    Verification - How to verify my 100chinajobs account?

    Upon signing up for a 100chinajobs account, the system automatically sends a welcome email to your email address. Once you receive the email, it means your account is active.

    Create your profile - How to create my profile?

    This is a crucial step and will directly influence your chances of being short-listed for interview. For your convenience, you could tailor your own profile, upload your resumes and other achievements to 100chinajobs for free!

    Search for a job - How to search for a job?

    Explore the “Jobs” section; besides typing in keywords in the search box, you can also browse jobs by job type, work type, subject, and start time. You can also find job info when you search for employer info in “Employer” section.

    Apply for a job - How to apply for a job?

    Simply book interview with the job you interested. Note, the employer which you booked interview will be able to see your Profile and uploaded files(if available), but your contact info in profile will not be displayed to any employer. The employer could agree or reject your interview invitation, so before you apply, please ensure that your Profile is complete and ready for job application.

    Interview request - How to book an interview?

    Click "Book an interview" in the position list or position details page, select the appropriate interview time, and submit after confirmation. You can check the appointment progress though “My Interview” under “My Jobs”of your personal homepage.

    Accept or decline an offer - How to view an offer?

    You can view the offer details through “My Offer” under "My Jobs" of your personal home page. You could accept, decline, or request for a change.

    Visa Application - How about my work visa application?

    You can view your work visa application procedures and list of material through “Visa Progress” under "My Jobs" of your personal home page. Both you and your employer can submit files or results received from each application step and then move to next step until all steps completed.

    Upload File - Where to upload my files?

    You can upload your files through “My Files” of your personal home page, only when you confirm signing contract with an employer, the employer will be able to download the files you uploaded. Your employer could edit or translate your files to Chinese and then use those files to apply your work visa, therefore, we strongly suggest you save your work visa relevant docs here as instructed.

    Online Job Fair - How to join 100chinajobs online job fair?

    Make yourself discoverable by completed your profile before joining the 100chinajobs' job fair. Simply click "Job fair" section and click "book seat" with specific employer participating in the job fair if you interested.

    About the platform

    Do I have to pay to register the platform?

    Welcome to register, our website platform is free for foreign talents. And you can also invite friends or relatives who plan to work in China to register. If he / she successfully signs on our platform, you can also get a commission. Please contact us for more information.

    Can a non-native English speaker register on the platform to find a job?

    Yes. The types of jobs on our platform are diverse, in addition to teaching, there are engineer, designer, marketing position and so on, you can choose according to your interest.

    I am this year's graduates. Do you have a suitable position on your platform?

    Of course. We will update internship positions and hold online job fairs from time to time. You can follow our social media and 100chinajobs platform for updates.

    If I am dissatisfied with my employer after I joined the company and left, can I still apply for a job on 100chinajobs?

    Yes, sure. You can apply to confirm your resignation date, explain objectively why you wanna leave the employer through “My Review” under “My Jobs” of your personal home page. Your employer could also write comments on your resignation, all employer comments could be included in your profile “Review” section in future, your reviews about the employer will also be seen by other job seekers then.


    I received a verification email from 100chinajobs, what should I do?

    You might have been referred by someone that you know to join our platform. There are plenty of benefits of joining 100chinajobs. Simply click “confirm” in your email and start to explore our 100chinajobs platform.

    How to change my password?

    Login to your 100chinajobs account, click setting>password.


    The advantages of having a complete 100chinajobs Profile

    A complete 100chinajobs Profile contains the information required by employers to consider your job application. It is so important that you provide as many details in your profile to improve your chances of getting a positive response from employers. You must complete your 100chinajobs Profile in order to apply for jobs.

    Some tips

    Employers screen a lot of profiles daily. The purpose is to showcase your expertise immediately, therefore, a short intro video and brief summary which highlight your expertise, experience or strength will be very helpful. For fresh graduates, you could include your key learning and achievements in University, in addition, your language skill especially Chinese ability will be a big plus for employer in China.

    Search & Apply for a Job

    Are the employers on the platform real?

    Yes, it must be, for all employers posted position in our platform, we will ask them to upload their license, legal person ID and other relevant documents.

    If I am interested in a position on the platform, how can I know if it is still recruiting?

    All the job posts are active and valid. Each position posted in our platform equals to one vacancy, hence after a recruitment is completed, the job posting will no longer exist in the platform.

    What if I don't find a suitable job on your platform?

    Don’t worry, we will update positions and hold online job fairs from time to time. You can pay more attention to our platform.

    Can I just email my resume to you?

    Please do not email your resume or certificates to us. If you have not created your profile in 100chinajobs, we strongly encourage you to do so. Simply register yourself here, then you can search all employer and job info based on your own preference and book interview directly with the employer you interested.

    What will happen if I share my personal contact to the employer?

    100chinajobs gives you a one-stop job hunting platform and eliminate the trust barrier between job seekers and employers. We strongly suggest you don’t include your contact info in resume or share your contact information during interview to any employer until you see their offer or contract acceptable. 100chinajobs will not be responsible for any issue or dispute between you and the employer if you contact the employer personally.

    What to expect after booking an interview?

    The employer you booked interview will confirm or reject your invitation as soon as they see your booking records, then you can communicate with interviewer through video chat system integrated in our website, or Wechat mini program,or later our App. You can check interview booking status or interview feedback through “My Interview” under “My Jobs”of your personal homepage. While waiting for interview feedback, you can continue searching other employer and job info and book other interviews.

    Are the people interviewing me all from the employer?

    Yes, you will be interviewed by the employer's HR, department manger or big boss of the company or institution you applied.

    If it is time for the interview and the employer didn’t show up, can I complain through the website?

    You can contact our hot line 400-078-1066, or official phone number 18994050515, or our official wechat yibaichinajobs, our recruit consultant will contact the employer for you then.

    Visa Management

    How to apply for a visa?

    100chinajobs is a one-stop recruitment platform. Your employer will be responsible to apply your work visa, you could see all details about application procedures and file requirements, also able to check your work visa application status through “Visa progress” under “My Jobs” section of your personal home page.

    What happen if I upload the wrong/invalid/fake documents?

    If you happen to upload a wrong document, you could delete it and re-upload proper file. If you gave invalid or fake documents, your account will be banned and legal action might be taken. 100chinajobs takes information infringement seriously, make sure to provide valid documents.

    Online Job Fair (drop down)

    Do I need to pay to participate in 100chinajobs online job fairs?

    Foreign talents registered on our website platform can participate in online job fairs for free. Please make sure you completed your profile.

    Privacy (drop down)

    Choosing your privacy settings

    "There are 2 options in the Privacy Setting:
    Public – Allow employers to see your Profile contents(contact information wont be included )
    Private – Do not allow employers to see your Profile, but for any employer you booked interview, they can still see your profile information(contact information wont be included ), moreover, they can also check your files uploaded.

    If my personal file settings are not public, can I still apply for a job normally?

    Yes you can still search employer and job info freely and book interview as you want.

    I upload my information to your website; can you keep my information from leaking?

    First of all, the employers registered on our platform are screened, legal companies and institutions. Secondly, you are free to choose whether your information is public or private upon using the platform. Thirdly, your contact information will not be included in your profile even though you set public for it. Lastly, you can optionally set whether to disclose your personal contact information in your attached resume or not. Only employer you booked interview can see your attached files and only employer you singed contract can download your files for work visa application purpose.

    How long can I keep my personal files uploaded on the website? Can I view it anytime, anywhere?

    As long as your account on our website is still there, the files will always be saved and can be viewed at any time. We guarantee your personal privacy.